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I work as a software development engineer in the content scanning and network security field and I am passionate about open source tools (jenkins, phabricator, git) and techniques (reviews, audits, tests, mocks, metrics, static/dynamic analysis) that make your lifes easier as a software developer, increase the quality of your software, and help building strong and agile teams. I like to engineer and explore inventive deployment and testing strategies like virtualization using lightweight Docker containers. But I also like to dig into the inner workings of the Clang/LLVM compiler to find elegant ways to analyse and improve huge code bases (i.e. see Clang tooling, and address sanitizer [ASAN]).

To keep up a healthy work-life-balance I do a variety of sports including but not limited to cycling, jogging, and swimming.

I am a music lover, play the acoustic guitar, and like to capture beautiful moments in life with my photo camera.

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