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Geunsik Lim has been working on system software for various embedded devices at Samsung Electronics. Recently, He has been working on Linux kernel for Tizen OS scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Besides, He is a key member of, which is the largest institute specialized in Android promotion in Korea. Previously, he participated in Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS), (LCA), and IEEE conferences as a speaker and a session chair for open source ecosystem. Prior to that, He had engaged in UNIX/Linux core of advanced technology R&D work. He has various experiences of system software of mobile phones, tablets, DTVs, camcorders, and printers. He has founded Gitstat open source project, which is a web based statistics and monitoring system for git. He has contributed to many open source projects such as Linux, GCC, Glibc, Android, and Tizen. He enjoys spending his time both solving software problems and trying to promote the adoption of Linux kernel and open source software for commercial embedded devices. (

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