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Perf tools

  • Factorize the multidimensional sorting between perf report and annotate (will be used by perf trace)
  • Implement a perf cmp (profile comparison between two (DONE, its called 'perf diff')
  • Implement a perf view (GUI)
  • Enhance perf trace:
    • Handle the cpu field
    • Handle the timestamp
    • Use the in-perf ip -> symbol resolving
    • Use the in-perf pid -> cmdline resolving
    • Implement multidimensional sorting by field name
  • The feature tests performed only when a file that needs those tests, or at least only when some .c or .h file will be rebuilt
  • Packages needed for the build should be checked before we start building object files, such as bison (bpetkov)
  • Use the highest precision level available by default, e.g.: cycles:pp
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