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Desired employment / Occupational field (remove if not relevant, see instructions)

Work experience

Dates From September 2009 up to Jun 2010 first full-time Occupation or position held Private secondaryschool Teacher Main activities and responsibilities Responsible for teaching clay modeling, drawing, 2D and 3D graphics, technology Name and address of employer Ivanska cesta 21, 82104 02, Bratislava, Slovakia Tel.: +421243410802 E-mail: Type of business or sector teaching

Education and training

Dates From September 2000 to Jun 2006 Title of qualification awarded Mgr. Art Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Subjects: Design – Sculpture 3D model preparation for 3D printing, laser and water cutting, rendering 3D models, editing photos, editing video, vector graphics,3D modelling, 3D rendering, working with glass, steel, wood, metal, plastic, lamination technology with epoxyd and polyester resin, welding, airbrush, scene lighting for shooting, car mechanics, carpainting Name and type of organisation providing education and training University of fine art and design Drotarska cesta 44 Street, 811 02, Bratislava

Dates From September 1997 to May 2001 Title of qualification awarded Graduation Name and type of organisation providing education and training Secondary School of design, Kremnica

Personal skills and competences�

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